Monday, June 21

Live Life In Simple Sentences.

Live Life in Simple Sentences.

Without a closing or a mark signifying the end a sentence will drag on forever.
Sometimes in life we tend to complicate ourselves with these run on sentences...or situations.
In a commitment to the past (experiences, lovers, friends) we entangle ourselves in standings far beyond their deadline. We sometimes think that it is our duty to keep relationships going even after we've been harmed. This may be due to the value this person or situation had in your life. I am by no means embracing negativity's or grudges, but I am endorsing "a distinguished end."

Gripping on to the past can make a person feel drained. Holding on to a negative past (experiences, lovers, friends) will just clutter a person from writing those new stories in their life. There are new people, surroundings, and friends that will come into your path if you simply let them. As the old saying goes, "do not block your blessings." These run-on sentences leave a person incapable of seeing the amazing stories they are capable of telling. And just because "one sentence (situation)" in your past might not have been the best, you must put a period or an exclamation point at the end and move forward! Don't complicate your life with unnecessary baggage. Accept everything and simply "keep it moving."

It's okay to write a new story in an old setting. Just make sure that the past is left in the past. Also remember that you'll never forget it. Stop leaving situations open with so many questions. Sometimes we dig hard for the answers and never find them. We are digging in the wrong places. Most of the time, the answer will not come until you look within yourself.

So like I life in simple sentences!

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