Tuesday, December 18

Staying Authentic

I truly wish I had one solid story to explain my long departure to the pen, or better yet with evolving time, the key board. Since I can remember, there has always been this burning passion inside of me to write, to help, to inspire.

I saw it going places too. God was opening doors left and right. Then...my insecurities got the best of me. I didn't believe in myself as I once did. Fear took over. Fear was the very thing I thought I said "good-bye" to some time ago. I thought to myself "how can I be such a motivation to others or a blessing in Christ when I am so imperfect?" Then an avalanche of tests (or blessings) poured down.

God reminded me that I am an imperfect person serving a perfect God and that He will supplement every where I lack. That my gifts would make room for me. If only I just believed and stepped out on faith to a whole new level. If only I got out of my own mind.

This post is not intended to be some melo-dramatic episode, but the truth. This is for anyone who ever doubted themselves in any way. This is for anyone who felt they weren't good enough. This is for anyone who ever put their dreams on pause. This is for you, the person too bashful to ever admit it aloud.

Never let your past deter you from your future as I once did. You are complete in Christ. You have the opportunity to start right now in this very second. You have the opportunity to make a difference.

It all starts in believing you can.

In my silence I re-discovered aspects of myself and learned to love them at new depths. Why the vision of Let's Keep It Authentic kept repeating in my dreams even as an adolescent.

I was never meant to be some type of cookie cutter Christian nor person. Never was supposed to be restrained to baking pretty cakes. In the hypothetical, I am raw. Some people like it. Some people don't. So now that I love all of it I can move forward and hopefully through my transparency I can inspire some others to as well.


Aja M. said...

Hey sis <3 i was just talking about how inspirational you are in everybodies life you come in contact with <3 keep it up baby!!! i love you and miss you soooooooooooo much <3

Paloma Duran said...

Thanks so much for your love and support sis. We can all do a lil to inspire, or help each other. Each one can teach one. Love u.

Alyrical Gowdy said...

I'm so incredibly happy and proud that you have returned to writing! I know you are going to touch lives, you have definotely touched mine! I'm so glad you wrote this post so many people that you have to come to God correct amd have to lead a perfect life esecially when they are impacting lives. But sometimes its when you hit your lowest is when you can inspire the most! <3