Friday, September 17

For The Love Of Money?

What is this fad going on for the love of money? It’s causing people to be selfish and act in immoral ways. It’s tearing up homes, relationships, and trust. Since when does money love you back?

Instead of preaching “money is what I’m all about,” why not speak about the passion you have to use in order to get that attainment of constant cash? I know it’s easy to be blinded by the media and celebrities in their flashy life styles but how do you suppose they got there? By doing that something that they love; for the ones who got there off of talentless stunts, it’s because they were the first ones to do it, and we gave them our undivided attention. Now, many people are living fast and immorally to have money to take a picture with on their facebook for the world to see.

This facade is so discouraging to the young people. I spoke to this young man the other day and I asked him “what do you want to do when you get older?” He answered “I want to be rich!” When I asked him how he planned to get there he told me that he didn’t know but he doesn’t care what he has to do. He proceeded to tell me that he would rob a bank or sell drugs if had to. I know those statement weren’t technically literal but they said a lot.

The upcoming generations see fast money out of indecent and denigrating acts. They see the ultimate prize but they don’t see the legitimate struggle. They don’t see the work that it takes get money on a consecutive basis. They just see money. So how will they get it? That is not really the question. The real question is, how will they keep it?

I know most people are thinking “Paloma, you’re a fool for saying money doesn’t matter.” That is not what I’m saying at all. I am not ignorant, I have my own bills. I understand we ALL need that paper to stay afloat. But what I’m talking about is the kids or people who have the misconception that money is the “be all end all” to the definition of success.

Success is weighed not by the color of your bank card or the size of the rims on your car. Today, young people make the money just to be able to stunt. They work so hard for the things that true hard workers get with their play money. They aim for that fast money. To get to top in a flash, shitting on whoever gets in their way.

I just pray that you teach your children to not chase money but to chase their dreams. If they do that to the best of their ability, money will flow effortlessly. It’s NOT easy. But that’s what differentiates successful people from mediocre people…and most definitely selfish people. Aim for something that lasts…


Muzik said...

NICE! You are right. Hell since I have been talkin with you you have brought me back down to where I need to be. I have lived in a world and mindset of money money money. I have never lived that flashy lifestyle to stunt other, but I bought it because I wanted it. Where I went wrong half the time was spending. We have to educate ourselves how to have our money work for us. Its not about the bags, shoes, nails, rims, and cars, its all foolish. I will be damn if I go broke trying to keep up with the next bitch. Because when you ball you will soon fall.

Paloma said...

"I will be damn if I go broke trying to keep up with the next bitch. Because when you ball you will soon fall." <-- look at you woman! you're amazing...a true blessing to my life

Muzik said...