Saturday, October 8

Balcony Love

You've just got to love some people from the balcony, not the front row of your life.

It's not because your selfish or because you love them any less but because when God calls us to go to different levels in our lives, we must obey.

When God calls us to different levels, we might have to change our surroundings, our friends and even our love life.

It doesn't make those past people or situations any less valuable but when trying to accomplish our dreams it's important to not be stagnant.

Never think you are above anyone but also do not think you must stay at their level if they are not a reflection of positivity and progress.

You'll never love them any less but that balcony love doesn't allow their/it's distractions to block your blessings.

You are front and center stage. You chose your crowd and your scene. If all this extra noise is coming or low key hating is happening, they will attempt to sabotage your show.

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