Sunday, October 2

Closed Doors

Some of us get angry when we don’t get our way. Well, a lot of us do.

  • THOSE events that had months of planning only to miss your flight. 
  • Those relationships that were perfect at one point but are all of a sudden falling apart. 
  • Those graduate schools that we thought about in our late nights of studying, only to be denied. 
Look, we’ve all had our share of disappointments.

Closed doors aren’t fun to look at. They can literally feel like a slap to the face and cause our tummy’s to do a few back flips. Our prides step in as we try to pick the locks of these closed doors, or we call an untrained locksmith (our friends-who DO mean well) to talk us through how to unlock the door.

I know at the moment no one wants to hear it, but have you ever stopped to think about how the closed, locked or bolted shut door can be a blessing as well?

We fight so hard to give our everything when our everything was already given. We tire ourselves out for things that are not meant for us- so the closed door tells us. A sneak peak to what’s inside will never suffice to what’s truly inside. 
We can force ourselves if we choose but that path was not for us. So just consider it a blessing because something better is sure to come. Put your hands up and step away from the door before you lose your integrity. No gun required.

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