Monday, October 10

Faith Shirts

I go to a very large church (The Faith Center). The surprising thing is that I’ve never felt lost. Each week there have been at least ten people coming up to me with genuine 'hellos' and hugs. 

Anyway, after I was leaving church this past Sunday I decided to take a tour around the auditorium. As I was browsing through books and DVD’s, I ran into a stand with “FAITH SHIRTS”. I was automatically drawn to them and I picked out a few in excitement. 

The woman helping me was so kind and when it was time for me to take the one that called my name I was so saddened because she told me she only accepted cash. I had given all my cash away and only had my credit card at this point. 

She looked at me and said “take it. I’ll be here next week and you can pay me then.” I hugged her.

I felt impelled to blog about this because we don’t meet people like this anymore; genuine people who really trust people. That type of love comes from God’s people. That type of heart is so admirable. We’re so quick to pass judgment on others upon initial meeting. This woman reawakened that Child-Like Faith in me all over again. 

Little did she know that I would fall in love with her entire business concept and share it with thousands of people…But that’s the way the spirit of God works. The blessings always return.


"I'm not perfect. I'm just forgiven"

Men, women and children sizes for all.


Jazz said...

!!!!OMGOSH P I WANT, NO -NEED- THAT SHIRT!!!! That story is a lovely testimony and I love that you're paying it forward! Now, let's work on stashing me a x-small shirt please!

Paloma said...

Thanks sweetheart! Of course we can work on that :-) Can't wait until you come to The Faith Center with us again. There's actually more shirts there than online. <3

Tessa Doghor said...

There is this girl who says hello to me in a falsetto voice
I don't know if she thinks i'm a baby
Not interested in being fake...