Tuesday, October 4

The Hooking Up Era

We live in a hooking up era.

When I first arrived at college I didn't understand what hooking up specifically meant. Where I grew up we often used the obvious vulgar names. When I heard this concept of 'hooking up' I didn't know what base one was safe at, which was out was out of bounce and which one counted one as an absolute whore.

I really felt embarrassed to ask when I overheard conversations. I had a boyfriend when I first arrived at college so I didn't have to face the humiliation of being the only one who's not 'hip to the game'.

Later I learned that 'hooking up' was the code word for kissing AND BEYOND. It's like no one asked about the beyond though.

  • So you mean to tell me that if someone went to the club and made out with a stranger in their drunken stupor, it doesn't make a difference if they do more?
  • So you're telling me there's no stigma on hooking up with complete strangers? 
  • Like your girlfriends actually witnessed you being on a complete stranger or insignificant person and were NOT embarrassed?

Did young people move from home and lose all their morals? Or it this what society has turned into- The Hooking Up Era.

I know Susan B. Anthony and her posse fought for our rights ladies but I'm pretty sure she would turn over in her grave if she saw how far we've taken it.

To be free is BEAUTIFUL thing, but not so free that one is literally a free piece of meat. Because at the end of the day the people acting this way are only fooling themselves.

People deep down inside still want that love, that title and that companion. The hooking up era has just distorted their view....


Stephen Barrett said...

Young people are being taught at a young age that pleasure is the way to happiness and that love begins with physical attraction. Love is ultimately a decision.

Paloma said...

I couldn't agree with you more Stephen. Our young people are lacking in morals due to what they were taught and what they witnessed growing up. It's unfortunate that our (American) culture continues to reinforce promiscuity and vanity (looking no further that skin deep). I pray for my future children and the children of others.
-Thank you for your comment