Friday, December 2

Broken Bible

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day reading the Word, utterly lost in the zone and this young lady walks up to me. I smiled and said "wussup?"

"That's a pretty bible," she said. "I like the color." 
"Thank you," I responded with a smile.

"But why is it broken, do you not take care of it?"
I asked her if she wanted to take a seat.
She did.

This bible is broken because I used to be....It's torn from the many nights I would fall asleep in it. 
Flipped some pages....

You see those water marks? Those are tears of pain, joy and conviction. The highlights represent scriptures I hope to remember forever. 
Can you believe I've only had this bible for less than a year? I'm not the same person who opened it....So while this bible got weak in adhesive, the Lord strengthened me in spirit more than I could have even imagined.   
 The young lady just took a moment to stare at me....."I WANT ONE!

So on kindle we went.....<3


Muzik said...

OHHHHHH MY WORDDDDD SIS! This is a powerful and I mean POWERFUL POST!! I am going to share this everywhere this week!! Isn't it amazing how God brought us to some places and how we defied God and ended up in some places yet He brought us out!! WHEW! GLORY TO GOD! I am so thrilled to see how much you have grown on this journey in such little time. I am eager to see what 2012 brings ur way! This is about to get real REAL! Stay focused and you know I am a call away and a flight away!! Just might sneak and catch ya for a prayer! Love you sooooooooooo much!! Your big sis!!

~Tash said...

WOW!!!!!! Beautiful Sis! I am in awe of God and godly proud of you! This is such a wonderful piece. I appreciate you so much for sharing! Please continue to keep it authentic. In doing so, you are helping MANY people come to Christ! May the Lord Continue to bless the Work of your Hands-the ones He so carefully fashioned for His glory! Love you Bunches!