Thursday, January 26

Speak LIFE!!!!

What does that mean?

When we are in the moment, possibly negative circumstances, many of us have a tendency to complain.

This complaining is called speaking DEATH upon your situation. I don't mean to sound like the utter drama queen, but maybe I do need to collect my crown on this topic because the power of words needs to be stressed.

When we speak negatively we send out a message to the enemy and God. We tell the enemy he's in control and we tell God that when we can't clearly see the future because of the clouds, that we don't have faith.

If unpleasant things happen we must speak LIFE! We must learn to say

"okay things aren't looking so hot right now, but God, I trust that it's all a part of the process. What do I need to take away from this situation? What are you trying to strengthen within me? What are you trying to strip away from me?"

We must learn to thank God all the way through. Speak life and surround yourself with those who only speak life as well. In those seldom moments where it's hard to see the positive side, it's important that we have positive people to speak LIFE over us and pray for us as well.

With love,

Paloma 'gorgeousINSIDE' Duran

Proverbs 18:21
“Death and
are in the power of the tongue...”

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