Friday, February 17

I Forgive You

I forgive you without your sorry's

No need for me to hold my breathe

Not because I don't believe you're hurting

But because I need to start fresh

The weight of being angry,

is no remedy

So today I'm getting on my knees

In order to be free

Free from any burdens

Even those handed by another

I love you no less, this I confess

But I am not your mother, you cannot hold my breast

I tried to feed you knowledge

I tried to feed you love

But at the end of the day, I am not your glove

I cannot protect you if all I do is stay

So you are loosed to go...your very own way

If by fate we meet again, know you're already forgiven

No regretful ride needs to be ridden

No past secrets need to be hidden

No implications of impatience

Just simply choosing a different station

There's no fee you need to pay

But because I'm hurting, I cannot stay

And I'll continue to say 'Hello' to freedom,

No matter how many times I'm hurt

Because at the end of the day, I'll still know my worth

You cannot break a ruby

But for a split second make her cry

So if you see me shinning, I hope you don't mind

The Lord won't let me stay angry

So I hand Him my pride

I forgive you without your sorry's

Although I am starting a new story....

With Love,

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Anonymous said...

When I learned how to forgive, I learned how to cast my burdens....this is powerful. Thank you sis for sharing. - @freckles614