Friday, February 3

Mayweather Vision

Before I go in, this message is not an analysis to Floyd Mayweather's entire character, but a particular characteristic he embodies that's commendable.

May 1, 2010 the undefeated Floyd Mayweather was scheduled to go against "Sugar" Shane Mosley. This fight was said to be one of the most anticipated fights in history. "Boxing purists had called for the fight for over ten years," an ESPN article released a week prior said.

Before the infamous fight took place there was a short video clip of Mayweather's coach and friends talking about his preparation methods before a big fight. Of course, they all spoke about the athleticism that must take place prior to these extremely physical events.

What stood out the most was when they said that MAYWEATHER  NEVER WATCHES HIS OPPONENTS BEFORE HAND. LIKE NEVER.

Mayweather went on to saying that watching them could cause doubt or insecurities (in looser terms). He simply would just over train and not mind who or how the opponent was, regardless of who was in his ear talking about "you've got to watch him!"

This concept hasn't left my mind since that day. Too many of us are concerned with what the other is doing, letting ourselves become weighed down by doubt because we don't quite measure up to what we think  we're already supposed to be like.

Was that too much to catch? STOP looking to your left or your right! Be encouraged because NO ONE is like YOU. Whatever dreams you may have, commit to the process of making them come true no matter who is in your view. Don't let anyone or anything deter you. NO ONE can compete with you BUT your own self doubts!

Close your eyes and ears to the doubts, the judgement, the hate, AND GO! Mayweather Vision. And if by chance what you do requires you to be attentive to what others are doing, then show them PURE LOVE. Show them love because they're pushing and believing too! They're not quite like you and you're not quite like them. REJOICE!!!


Jazz said...

Nothing but the truth! I love the NEVER. Not usually, not most of the time, but never. I need to get there. If people didn't compare or keep constant watch on what others were doing, there would be no reason for insecurities or doubts because you would think everything you were doing was the only way for it to be done.It is so easy to be discouraged when comparing yourself to others. And all it does it take away from your individual talents. Again, I need to get there. Beautifully written P!

Paloma said...

I sincerely agree with you Jazz. Getting to that place of complete acceptance and knowing yourself is def. a process. Once one gets there, it's easy to show love to everyone because there's an understanding that no one is quite like you and vice versa. I am very proud of the woman you are becoming and even more happy to be a part of your journey. Bless!