Monday, December 30

The Gorgeous Inside Challenge

This year my 25th Birthday was extremely special! There weren't any material objects that I craved for whatsoever. I am so content in my portion that everything added and taken away is a blessing at this point. The first half of the day my family and I went to bless others around the town.  25 Random Acts of Kindness for every year of life! Now giving is NEVER about who knows or ANY type of reward that a person can give you back. Giving is about genuineness with a cheerful heart, knowing that your reward is in heaven. I only share this with you all just in case you all ever want to have a unique birthday celebration! You are blessed to be a blessing! Never forget that!

Throughout this journey of Holy Spirit filled stops and detours there was one idea that punctured my heart in the best way to start something brand new! 

The Gorgeous Inside Challenge

How often do we see people emphasizing external beauty? I mean it's every where. From the media to our facebook pages. And do not get it twisted, there's nothing wrong in looking and feeling beautiful, however it becomes an issue when we focus more on things of the flesh as opposed to our inside: our spirit. 

With this challenge I am encouraging women to leave a note on a public restroom mirror or facility reminding others that the mirror will always be too fickle to reflect their true beauty! Or just simply leave a word of encouragement! You can get as creative as you'd like! It's your love note leaving a little sprinkle of love to whomever finds it. 

Please TAG #GorgeousInsideChallenge on Instagram, facebook and twitter with your love notes! You seriously never know who needs a word of encouragement and reminder of God's love! I mean how many times have you been having a bad day and felt blessed by a kind word or deed right on time?! 

I look forward to seeing them!

Here is an awesome example left on a gym mirror in Jupiter, Florida by one of our sisters in love!

(To friends and family who have stayed loyal to the blog even when I haven't posted much, THANK YOU! I will get better! There's so many things that will share with you all soon! 2014 is already awesome!)

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