Friday, September 17

SO First Place-Poem

Never chase others that don’t want to be caught.

In time you’ll see that you will never win.

Not because you weren’t good enough but because yall were in a different race all together.

NOW I’m feeling so first place in my very own race

But it’s good to know I have someone who can go at my pace.

When I slow down you replenish me with fluent words of encouragement.

You push me with just enough force and softness for me to understand that tough love is no pussy pat on the back

it’s more like a slap

like “wake the heck up, you got this!”

You give me the most inspirational music

to my ears

and every time I hear your songs expressing true emotions and real situations,

I start to shoot for the finish line.

Your music, your words, give me an empowerment so divine

that I go beyond the finish lines to do an extra lap…

Just because you make me believe that I can.

When my body is weak you embellish me to be a Goddess.

No you don’t make me modest

because in your eyes I am a diva so I catwalk around the track

not looking back at those that tried to attack the ever ascent glow

that comes naturally within me

When the world tries to spin me off track you bring me back to focus

as if I was the most precise photographer waiting for that perfect shot that happens in the slip of a second.

You bring me back to focus like the mind of a person aiming for the bull’s-eye with one eye closed.

I’m focused man!

When people try to cut me off in my race you tell me let them past with grace

Because they are in a testimony of their own

Their rules don’t apply to me, but I still keep it moving with dignity.

When the crowd is booing me you’re applauding me as if I was your child at his very first little league game.

And I’ll never question why you do these things for me.

It’s because you know that I’m a winner.

It’s because you know that I’ll be the one to ride with you even if you have no car and gladly hold your hand in the street while I push you for the climb to the top.

I’m the type that will grow old with you over and over again.

A few years of youth to the wiser moments of truth that naturally comes with age…

then we’ll repeat being young again

And I’ll still call you my “hot date” to the old bitches I drink tea with after bingo.

You’ll always be a stud to me…but not no cheap plastic thing that looks like a block.

You’ll be the hardest rock to me

A thousand carrot diamonds that will never lose their shine

And outlast and test of time.

You’ll always be my rock star,

Even when your physically not able to work me in the sheets,

I’ll still be your groupie and make you feel famous all over again.

Over and over again…


Muzik said...

You already know we are too much alike. LOL. You killed this poem. Its so funny to me how we love the same and are proud by our men. A true ride or die with class and not a flashy ass. I love how we both curse with sense and not distaste. U rocked out on this!

Paloma said...

You're support means so much to me 'Muzik.' I put my heart into this and more than anything out there. But when you've been through the bs in relationships, you learn to appreciate and understand what a good man really is like and how to open your heart. SO PROUD.
lol yeah cursing in inappropriate sometimes, but you know we gotta keep it organic.
<3 you. thank you again

Muzik said...

Organic? LOL. You know I will always be there for you.