Wednesday, September 22

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love I put you above any man.

I’ve cleared pathways and run down unknown driveways in an effort to get to you and block the rest.

I’ve sculptured myself to my very best figure in hopes that I the next time that I saw you I’d set off that trigger that shoots inside every time I see you.

I’ve held back explosions of emotion and let you stay afloat in an ocean of forgiveness.

I didn’t let people know our business until I found one that I was the only one loving.

Unreciprocated love I would have gone above and beyond for you.

I would have booked tickets the same night you hear the crickets and been there that morning with no money left in my account.

I would have gone the distance.

I would have held you down if you were in prison.

I would have lied for your sake just because I know I will never find another mate like you.

More than “my boo”, you were my soul mate.

In my mind a person couldn’t have been more specifically designed for me.

While I dazed of you, you lived the days in the moment with every aspiration aimed on account for you, by yourself.

And that’s fine had the thoughts in my head not intertwined you in my future.

My permanent featured star, you chose the bar, instead of I.

Yet I still try to get your attention mentioning those little “what ifs” when the sad reality is I was dismissed long ago.

Unrequited love I’ve never quite kissed disappointment until I kissed you.

Dazzled by the muzzle I could never get on your face.

Mouth in a race while your heads outta place, as you look into my face and speak from the heart.

I bark back, but I realize that you bite me every single time.

Unrequited love, put a leash on yourself.

Either way, your free to play in the grass as you chase for ass

I genuinely like the fences.

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