Friday, June 10

Talking With Strangers

“Don’t talk to strangers” was the notion ingrained in our heads by our parents since we were young. Rightfully so, because we never know what wackos may be lurking around ready to take advantage of people, especially children. So we didn’t really talk to strangers unless commanded to do so.

Depending on when and where we grew up, and the types of personalities that we were exposed to, we will be conditioned to be open, friendly, or closed individuals. It all depends. And once we experience new atmospheres in life we can condition ourselves to act accordingly with strangers present there.

Taking a deeper look at the way we interact with new people, have you ever misjudged someone according to their surrounding, their look, their company, or the clothes they’ve worn? Whether we know it or not all of us have done it at one point. (There's plenty of us who do it often).

We make associations. We step into a grocery store not thinking that we could meet our future husband or wife. We go into the Starbucks completely aloof not thinking that we could meet the owner of a fortune 500 company that could change our lives forever. We go to play basketball, talking crap to our opponent, not knowing that their mother is dying at home.

The scenarios could go on and on. My point is that we never know who we are going to meet. We never know how our attitude, our aura, which we exude into this complicated world, can attract or repel the perfect people into our lives. We never know if that moment is the ideal opportunity to touch the most deserving and needing heart.

Talking to strangers might be the best advice I can give at my adult age.

Most of us don’t do so out of fear of looking vulnerable, seeming desperate, or attracting one of those wackos. Boy, are they present! And I am by no means encouraging others to talk to strangers in a dark ally, but I am suggesting smiling a little more. Say “Hi” a little more. You just never know.

On a personal level, talking to strangers has taken me further than ever imagined. Taking initiative has landed me respect from elders and peers. Being an open person was something I’ve had to work on due to the fact that people can be rude, crazy, and many other unpleasant things. But people can be genuine, hardworking, and driven…just like you!

Today, and for the next couple of days, I challenge you to be open in every atmosphere you plant your feet in. Stay grounded in the fact that you just never know!

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