Saturday, June 4

Until We Come Together...

Women’s constitution

The 19th amendment was our resolution,

Did it legitimize legal prostitution?

Where females can have their own and pick and throw a bone at any mans rolling stone.

Roar our pride with avatars blatantly shouting we are females on the side.

A** out, face squished all the way down on concrete,

Yet we’re shouting that we’re thorough.

One cross of the burros

And every other woman hates because her blouse was so last season

And her red bottoms were from last autumn.

Unconventionality is what we taught em,

Yet there are a whole lot of us shouting

“Well behaved women rarely make history”

But what happens when we all misbehave?

Honey bee, queen bee, and we love the word B!

Different color lips, implanted tits, and inserted hips.

Barbie’s in make believe worlds still wishing in their hearts that they could be THAT girl

To the man of their dreams...

Yet they roam with insecure catastrophes, trophies glued in their hearts.

Parked ambitions, on the wrong side of town we’re fishin’.

No catch. No game. No name.

We are the same, just like we were.

Not equal to man before, but now we’re equal to "whores".

Until we come together, men will never act better.

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