Thursday, June 2


There are many history books listing the amount of women who have helped build and shape professionals, presidents, generals, rock stars, executives, entrepreneurs, and beyond in their partners. Maybe some of us know a few of these women in our grandmothers, mother’s, and siblings.

It should come as no surprise to any of us that women have this finesse to them. They are able to sculpt men into more than they imagined by giving them love, guidance, structure, and most of all confidence. It is said that women (not all of course) have this innate nurturing nature. We want to see those we love flourish and grow. We want to uplift them. We have this gift of seeing what others don’t see in themselves and lovingly, and sometimes when needed, ruthlessly, pointing it out. When a mature woman loves, she does so selflessly. (This is true of men as well.)

This particular topic has been on my mind for years now. It has been brought to my attention in several of my wine conversations with girlfriends, many crying “after the break up calls,” and so forth.

So how is it that these men that we build up seem to forget so quickly? We invest in their confidence, give them their swag, and they forget as swift as they do last week’s stats that they just had down packed.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s them or us? Do we women get insecure about the monsters we create? Or is it the men whose egos get too big to just be stroked by one person? Did women spend too much time trying to uplift their men’s careers that they half way invest in their own?

Whether these men admit it aloud or not, they know who was there at the beginning when few were looking their way. In their moments of silence I hope that they can remember that one female. Whether she broke his heart and gave him motivation, or planted the seeds he gets watered by everyone else now, he won’t forget.

Give these women credit. For they do more work than the blind eye can see. They give more love than asked for. There’s a method to their madness. There’s a raw truth in her intuition. These are not the women that men want to be missing.

I just wanted to give each and every one of you all a round of applause. Stand up and bow, then walk away smiling, knowing you can create anything of YOURSELVES.


manny said...

agreed but in a sense when a woman breaks that persons heart it tends to knock the man right back to where he was mentally and emotionally so i guess its safe to say the work women put into building their man up and then to knock him back down again all that work was for nothing we are human of course but anytime something very hurtful has ever happened to someone they majority of the time they forget about the good that was done and mainly focus on the bad , its like me as a man build your confidence and self esteem up and then cheat on you 9 times out of 10 your gonna go back to the way you thought of men before cheaters, liars, dogs basically what majority of women think anyways. just shedding some light on a good guys point of view but love the message tho

Paloma said...

I truly appreciate you taking the time out to read and respond. I think it's wonderful that you've given the male perspective and I agree with you when you say that we are all human and make mistakes. The purpose of this post was to put out those underly feelings that many woman feel (also men) but never truly express without resentment in their heart. I tried to approach this some what controversial topic with biases to the side, but still trying to get my point across. Again, thank you for your compliments and I hope you continue to comment because it's appreciated.