Thursday, September 29

That Authentic Love

That authentic love. Did it die out?

Back in the day people married based on similar dreams, values and most of all love. The man didn’t have to have a benz, a six figure salary or impeccable credit. He just had to have the drive and motivation to accomplish his dreams. Things didn’t have to be perfect before he married the woman he loved. He didn’t have to have a two plus story house or had to have slept with fifteen plus. He didn’t have to know all of the forbidden fruit to know when he had the sweetest one.

Back in the day women trusted men more and understood that each role in the relationship played a significant part, and none was of more value, just equal in duty. She loved men purely, not superficially. She didn’t have to wear a suit of armor to protect her heart and be alert to the fact that she may need a new start at any given moment because he hadn’t put a ring on it.

If we all weren’t so scared….

I just want to know where that real love went….The kind our grandparents had. The ones who are married
60 years plus.

Where’s THAT kind of love? That through it all love? Not hold things over your head kind of
love. That authentic love.

What if we all wait for the outside things to be “perfect” and neglect the fact that we won’t get a more perfect
mate internally?
Our insides can change with time just as much as our outside do, especially when we’re so
worried about the things we can fix together…if we only had more of that authentic love.

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sam said...

Nothing has changed. What chu talking 'bout lady?