Thursday, August 11

Dear Fear

A few months ago when I put out my Let's Keep It Authentic: Until We Come Together...
 poem about contemporary women and the way we’ve lost our value in society through our actions, a woman by the name of Kendra Sebelius reached out to me on twitter to let me know that it had been chosen to be published on her online paper called “#EmbraceSelfLove.”

Kendra comes with a definite message needed in all of us: EMBRACE SELF LOVE. She teaches us how to do this a more each day through her personal testimonies and the testimonies of others. She embraces the little things; the little things that will help us to connect with our voice within.

The other day she had this wonderful idea: To write a letter to your fears. “How freeing” I thought. That’s exactly what this experience was. All of us have had to battle fears in our minds. Whether fear is a reoccurring theme or sporadic visitor, it’s important that we address our fears head on and tell them “GO AWAY.”

Dear Fear,

When I think about what I really want to say to you I blank out because that’s how much you scare me; thinking that I have to come at you in the correct angle not to piss you off and backlash upon me.

My heart says ‘what’ but you tell me ‘when’. You tell me when it’s okay to be high off my dreams and accomplishments and then you bring me back to ground level and tell me that I’m not good enough. You have stopped me from being vulnerable more times than I can count. You have made me even compare myself to others in the past.

Thank you for disappearing when I needed to stand up for myself. You never did let people abuse me. In fact, you knew exactly when I needed to be fearless. My goodness your non existence did get me into trouble in those times though!

I’d appreciate if you disappeared completely out of my mind and heart. I’m trying to accomplish some things for God’s purpose in a manner that hasn’t been done before and I know you’re not of God. Fear you’re truly the main thing getting in the way of my dreams. I hate the fact that if I think of you for a second too long you turn into doubt.

I don’t have time to doubt myself. For I only have one life to live and living with you in it is NOT an option. While others hear you in their mind and simply ignore you as you quietly eat at them, or they feed into you, I’m here to come straight at you and address you!

Get out of my head!

I’m writing this letter to you and exposing you. Leave my family and friends alone as well! You come out of nowhere and tell us we’re not good enough. You silent killer of dreams and ambition! Just because you’ve won others over doesn’t mean you are winning any of us!

I no longer care about which angle I come at you from at this point. You are dead to me. Any time you try to creep up again I will give you NO attention. Try building a relationship with that. You can’t.

Goodbye fear. It was never nice knowing you.

You aint neva gettin the best of me,
Paloma Duran <3 Miss GorgeousINSIDE

**Make sure you follow Ms. Kendra Sebelius for more inspirational messages @EmbraceSelfLove on twitter
I truly suggest you confront your fears as well. <3 Thank us later.

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