Sunday, October 23

Place of Stuck

Have you ever felt “stuck?” I mean so stuck in a situation that you have no idea how on earth you are going to get out?

Most of us have a hard time admitting that we’ve once upon a time been there or are currently there. To be stuck means to be dependent. To be stuck means scared, with a little sense of hopelessness thrown in there. 

Sometimes we stay unhappy or stagnant in a place because we are scared of the possible risks involved with making the next move.
In this “game of life” at times we are unsure of what board we’re playing on, who our components are, and what our next fifteen moves will actually be. Most of us can’t even remember our prior moves that got us in this place of “stuck.”

When we are aware we’ve gotten to this point all procrastination must come to a halt! It’s time to start makin’ moves!

Don’t consider yourself fragile! You can do it. Don’t answer to the labels of your past; rewrite your descriptions according to the life you want to create for you and God will help you every step of the way if you allow Him. 
Sometimes we get scared because we feel we must always have a definitive plan. Stop following their plan or your ego’s plan for your life. Loose those chains that say you cannot do better!

Faith is not just believing that things will get better, faith is knowing that things will get better. Today someone needs to get out of being stuck! Take action! You are NOT fragile! You are strong! You are empowered! You can do it! GO!


Anonymous said...

Hey baby doll:) you have no idea how much I needed to read this. I heard the whisper:-)i love you....titi

Paloma said...

I do have an idea :-) God told me there were a lot of people who needed this but I thank you for the confirmation of that! I pray nothing but abundance in your life and that any chains that bound you be loosed in the name of Jesus! I love you. Please make sure you subscribe to my blog titi!