Thursday, October 27

A True Friend: Upgraded Friend Style

The first poem that I ever wrote was called “friendship formula.” I was fifteen and at a point in my life where I knew that I was lacking true positivity around me. I sat there one day in tears, not understanding why I was so different and why I didn’t fit in with many of the people that surrounded me. I thought, “What is the real definition of a friend?” I now see how much I’ve matured and grown through God, because the friend that I wanted then on the day that I cried has NOTHING on the friends that I have today. This is for yall. <3 <3 <3

A true friend will tell you what’s wrong about you or what you did in private and what’s right in front of everyone. A true friend always wants to hold you in the best light.
v  True friends don’t let each other sleep unless sick. I mean that in a literal and non literal sense. A true friend doesn’t let you be lazy on your dreams and pushes you to give maximum effort and a true friend also doesn’t allow you to sleep in until three in the afternoon. lol
v  A true friend isn’t always going to be there at every moment but should encourage you by saying, “even when I’m not, know that God is.”
v  A true friend listens while you speak and doesn’t think about the next thing they are going to say while you’re speaking. They are genuinely concerned.
v  A true friend will pray for you and with you, not prey on you
v  A true friend doesn’t expect you to be perfect because they admit that they are imperfect too. They leave room for error, but never a whole house for it.
v  A true friend doesn’t secretly hope that you will mess up.
v  A true friend is NEVER in a competition with you because they appreciate your differences and are comfortable in theirs.
v  A true friend will tell you when you are being foolish and dramatic.
v  A true friend will tell you “what’s not in the Word is not ‘word’”
v  A true friend will confront your doubt because he or she knows that’s not of God
v  A true friend will tell you that you’re too old to fight but be the first one to throw down for you if attacked
v   A true friend will tell you to laugh it off more than get mad
v  A true friend understands that others will want to be your friend and not get slighted in the slightest
v  A true friend doesn’t want to be attached to your hip because he or she understands that life is too precious and your dreams are too real to ‘dilly dabby’ through life
v  A true friend will allow you to cry it out then tell you to tighten up
v  A true friend above all shows loyalty 

Thank you guys for helping me redefine what a true friend is. Through the years, the distance, the tears, I thank God for yall, each bringing a sense of individuality that makes me be a better friend as well.

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Anonymous said...

I love this and I love you :-) -Luana