Tuesday, November 15

Matching Myself

This quote on quote ‘swag’ was never intended to be a copied version of everyone else, but a blueprint of an individual’s authentic self. 

A woman who I kinda sorta know told me I "didn't match" the other day in an unpleasant way. I withheld old Paloma and said “thanks for letting me know,” smiled, and walked away. 

I knew when I awoke that morning that I was happy. I knew when I awoke that morning that I was healthy. And I also know what I know each and every morning, which is that God didn’t create us to be a copy of another. He created us unique with our specially crafted purposes. 

Back in the day I matched precisely. Now that I’m older I don’t pay as much attention nor money for such things. I’m not here to dress for anyone else just as much as I am not here to live for anyone else. 

I am confident enough to be me beyond the societal norms.

And for the record, I’m fly. Paloma fly though. But what would you expect, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Paloma’s fly….


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