Friday, November 11

*Be Inspired*

Through the tears from the abuse in those years,
I found myself

From the disrespect,
I found my voice.

From the violence,
I lost my fear

From the sexual impurity,
I found my self-love

From the 'No's,'
I found the 'Yes'

From the lies,
I searched for truth

From depending on the love of someone else,
I found solidarity

I found myself not through the pretty pictures of life,
but those tangible moments that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy

I found myself through tears, through all of the years.

It's not that I've always succeeded 

It's not that you're better than I.

It's that I found myself in all of the reasons that USED to make me cry.

I found my purpose,
that path was not worthless.

I will touch so many because experiences,
I have plenty.

Our pain is not in vain.
There's no need to always complain.

God put us through it so that we can help another along the way.

Just ask me how I found myself,
And I will tell ya

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