Tuesday, December 27

Breaking, Molding, Shifting, Shaking --> Restoration

God put this in my heart the other day and I had to share it with yall fam..... 
The of 2011 has been an extreme shifting year for many. Things HAD to get broken so that greater things would be restored. If you had your heart broken this year, didn't get the job you prayed for, or lost a few people, TRUST that God knew EXACTLY what He was doing and that some things had to not happen or get broken so He could could prepare you for this GREAT YEAR OF RESTORATION! This is the year where EVERYTHING is going to make more sense, where YOU will bring other people closer to God and your dreams will come true if you WORK! Don't give up FAITH. Some hearts just had to get broken to save some from a path of greater destruction. PRAISE GOD! 2012 is HIS YEAR, stay with Him, and it will be yours too!!! Bless ♥

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