Monday, January 2

Take A Minute

What other words are needed in this post? I guess I just wanted each of us to reflect. Reflecting is sometimes just silence and sitting still. But in this past year, many times I've reflected, there's an out pour of tears and 'thank yous' for my Father.

There was once these young men at church standing behind me. They were laughing. I felt kind of offended because my usually funny pastor was being quite serious at the time. They were laughing because there was this woman at the alter whaling and crying out to God in conviction.

When this happened it kind of made me think about all the people who have laughed at me for my choices to break away and start trying to live in accordance with the Word. Then I felt comforted again, because no can judge anyone if they haven't walked in their shoes.

Maybe one can better understand my love for Jesus now when they hear about His love for me then and now and about how He saved my life countless times. 

There's days I ask Him for nothing because I know in my heart He's done more than enough for me. So I just wanted to take this minute to remind you of all that He's done for you!!!

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