Monday, March 5

Who Will Watch The Watchers Themselves?

It seems as if contemporary society is more corrupt than ever. America somehow views apparel changes as an allowance for swap of morals and location adjustments as the dismissal of principles as well. Bosses encourage manipulation, leaders aren't practicing what they are preaching, authorities are taking advantage, and babies are having babies.

This type of corruption or mislead behavior is nothing new to American culture, much less the world, but what has me in utter is AWE is that it's almost becoming acceptable. Its as if many are in an abusive relationship and have become complacent. We've allowed the statistics; the media, the world truly get to our heads and beat our faith down.


It's not okay to lie, cheat or steal to get what you want as it is not okay to manipulate, take advantage of, or JUST 'look out' for your own 'team'. What seems to be happening more than ever is the free pass and go system to the people within your circle. The watchers are watching you but more than ever not checking their own behavior.
2 Peter 2:19
'They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.

Is it money? Is it placement? Titles? Awards? Is it recognition? Is it out of 'necessity'? Is it the status quo?
Is it wrong?

Yes, it is. 

I know Who is watching the watchers. Do you?


Jazz said...

Amen! We talked about this the other day. Values are backwards nowadays and the lost are just leading the lost, having us thinking this mess is okay because the people in power are exhibiting the most corruption!

Paloma 'GorgeousInside' Duran said...

You're comepletely right sis! There's so much corruption with people in power. We've just got to keep spreading messages of love and praying for our nation.