Wednesday, March 14


    The spirit took over and took my pen again. Just as the paint brush is taken from the profound painter and the vocal cords shifted inside of the unbelievable singer, the scribble came. When I looked down I said "God, I don't know if they'll ever accept this from me." He said "I need you."

    I pray that these messages land on the right eyes, the right hearts and that it causes an influx of growth, acceptance and understanding for all. These messages are not intended to offend. Please look beyond my raw deliverance and grasp what's really trying to be said.

    1. Okay. They backslided. Are you going to talk or pray?

    2. She may not be coming to offend anyone in that outfit. Maybe she really doesn't know better. Teach her with love

    3. Repetitive boring hymns don't have the same impact. Get in our face with love the same way the world attempts to (with different motives).

    4. The promiscuous girl that 'flirts with everyone' was once abused.

    5. He/She hasn't come back to church because they found out 'Godly folk' were talking about them.

    6. We all have the same stench when we go to the bathroom (some stronger than others), drop the holier than thou attitude

    7. Less word for word, more metaphors and analogies encrypted from The Word. It KEEPS our attention and makes us yearn for more

    8. You were once broken too. DON'T live in that, but DON'T forget either.

    9. If the handshakes, hugs and smiles aren't sincere; just don't do them

    10. God can tell when you're being led through the holy spirit and when you're being plain greedy

    11. Maybe they never came back to church because no one ever showed concern they were there in the first place

    12. From the child's mind: >>My parents are only like this on Sunday

    13. People shouldn't be coming to the body of Christ feeling as if they have to perform to fit in

    14. Lastly, and most importantly, don't forget to tell us about your struggles and how God delivered you from them when you tell us about your triumphs.



alyrical said...

Love it! It need to be rad by many, especially people within the church, that think they are too good to fall, The devil is a deciever and can attack many, through one!

Tessa Doghor said...

Loving my enemies is difficult for me
But i am actually willing to try and not just to pretend to love them.

Paloma 'GorgeousInside' Duran said...

@alyrical yes sis. I completely agree. It is never okay to have a holier than thou attitude and stick your nose up at people as if we are all perfect. That by no means that we must live in our past either, but there always has to be a sense of humility mixed with that confidence Christ gives us.

Paloma 'GorgeousInside' Duran said...

@ Tessa Doghor Each of us struggle with that to varrying degrees. It's hard to love our enemies at times. However, that all goes along with forgiveness. To forgive sets one free. Forgiving or loving them doesn't mean we're just plain open to be attacked, it may mean we have to love them from a distance. Just continue to pray about this and ask God for the strength. Before you know it, it will be much easier.