Thursday, January 17

Casual Co-Signers

It's always nice to have a group of supporters and friends. Let's Keep It Authentic though, there's going to be times where it seems that no one is holding you down. All the plans you all had together continue to fall flat. They stop working out with you in your supposed to be mutual health spree. They stop shouting you out for your next event. They cancel that movie date you had together. They aren't as dedicated to the goal as you are.

That's okay though! Don't be offended (we're all grown folk with free will)! Don't stop moving! You don't have to wait on them! Keep working out. Go to that movie alone. Enroll in that class you have been wanting to try out. Start your next new project.

Walk alone in confidence, knowing that God is with you where ever you go. Don't block your blessings by not being open to change and tackeling those fears. He is all the back up you need when your back is up against the wall.

Each of us should be striving to better ourselves from morning to sunset as if we were getting paid!

We all appreciate support and shouldn't be too proud to ask for it when need be, but the beauty in your dreams/goals is that fact that you believe in them even when it seems no one else does. Wait on the Lord, not people.


Raven J. said...

I wanted to LIKE this post but I didn't see where. But, me likey! :-) Stay Blessed & check out mines a well..

Paloma Duran said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post Raven J. I truly appreciate the support. I will surely do so. =)