Friday, January 11

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Did you know that January 10th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day? It's amazing that a heinous crime as such has only began to be recognized and supported through law within the last decade.

According to Safe Horizon, a national Anti-Trafficking program, there are an estimated 700,000-2 million woman, children, and men world-wide forced into servitude and/or slavery. Human trafficking comes right behind the illicit drug companies in illegal activities for profit.

The vulnerable, the young, the rich and the poor are affected. Forced into slavery through coercion, extreme physical and/or mental abuse, drugs and/or money.

- Sexual exploitation /Forced Prostitution – also includes Forced Marriage and Child Marriage
- Forced Labor – Agricultural, Industrial, Factory work, Fishing Industry
- Bonded Labor - Agricultural, Industrial, Factory work
- Domestic Work (nannies, housekeepers, cooks and gardeners)
- Forced Begging
- Child Soldiers

It doesn't end there. But it begins and grows through awareness. Maybe you've never known anyone affected by human trafficking. Maybe you thought one of those prostitutes downtown asked to be there. Maybe you thought slavery was abolished long ago. But I am here to remind you that is far from the truth.

The upside is that throughout the recent years, many organizations worldwide have taken a stance to fight this silent, yet screaming crime flooding our nations. Check out their links and missions below.

Fair FUND - FAIR Fund was founded as an assistance and empowerment organization to support the successful integration of women's equality into developing civil societies.

Hookers For Jesus - The primary services and programs of Hookers for Jesus are mission driven and are designed to minister healing and restoration of individuals and families affected by sexual exploitation. The primary services of Hookers For Jesus is to Hook (Outreach), Heal (emotional & spiritual restoration) Help (Transitional Assistance) through the Destiny House program

Safe Horizon - Safe Horizon takes action by providing practical services like a new lock, 24-hour hot lines, safe shelter, and food as well as supportive services like mental health counseling.

Not For Sale - Not For Sale empowers marginalized communities to seek their own dignified employment and break the cycle of exploitation.

The Polaris Project - Actual stories of survivors of human trafficking that can make one weep.

Tiny Hands International - THI seeks to educate both local communities and at-risk women and children about trafficking in Nepal. They also do border monitoring, to help this travesty come to an end.

These are only a few resources. Please watch this video below of a young woman who managed to escape the sex trafficking horors.

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