Tuesday, January 8

Love Others How They Want To Be Loved

Love others how they want to be loved, not how you want to be loved. Many present day relationships come to an end as fast as they came to be. In the end, it seems as if someone is always pointing the blame in the opposite direction. Although he/she may have been wrong, have you thought about the effort that you put in to love that person as they wanted to be loved?

We can be so selfish at times with our partner; majority of the time, not even realizing it. It’s only natural to have an expectation of love we receive with the same love that we give. For example, one may consider being left alone and given space when upset a form of love from their partner, while the other may want to be coddled when hurting. It’s so important to understand each other’s love language. Then you all can grow and teach each other, instead of rip each other apart from simple misunderstandings.

Take the time to truly get to know each other and challenge each other to love the other how they want to be loved, not how you want to be loved. After all, isn't love all enduring? Love cannot blossom to its full potential until it’s nurtured.

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