Tuesday, January 1

Just Fly Bumble Bee

Did you know that bees were never meant to fly; aerodynamically speaking?

According to the laws of science the bee’s body is too large and heavy for its frail and small wings to hold it. Technically speaking, the insect that has been found to have one of the most impressive and advanced species systems (such as creating honey, following their queen bee structure and carrying on the legacy of photosynthesis), should ONLY be able to crawl. Yet bees travel in packs into untold lands for a greater purpose. The bees never think “what if I fall?” They never stop and compare their wings to others. They just go. With their one weapon’s use costing their life, they fly against all measures with no fear.

The bee reminds me of all the limits we put on ourselves. It’s like the moment our faults are pointed out; we start to believe them too. Who says you’re not good enough to fly? Who told you that you can’t change for the better NOW? Who said you've got to be like them?

One of the most amazing things about God is that he uses some of the most unexpected candidates. Then He qualifies the one’s brave enough to look past the technicalities of the world. If faith can move mountains, will you let mountains move you? Or will you soar above the say so’s and supposed to’s and just go?
Sometimes I even doubt myself. But then God reminds me that this is a journey. Don’t waste your time wishing and talking as I have before. Just fly. 

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