Wednesday, February 6

A Spirit of Excellence

I listened to this sermon by Joel Olsteen the other day about the Spirit of Excellence. Before I get into the message, can I just say that Joel Olsteen is THAT dude?! Only Joel can give a puncturing Word of God slap in your face, still keep a huge smile on his, while not offending anyone. haha

Anyway, the message talked about having a spirit of excellence in our PRESENT situation.

We may not have our dream house but what are we doing to take care of the house we were blessed with? Are you keeping it titty and everything neat? Are you taking care of the grass or just letting it grow all out of control? 

We might not be graced with a husband of wife that we want, but what are we doing to make ourselves better and where are we looking? Are we all up in the ratchet club expecting to meet a graceful partner? Are we carrying ourselves with respect and dignity?

 We may not have that job or promotion but what are you doing to excel in the one now? Are you clocking out 15 minutes early? Going on facebook, twitter AND instagram every chance you get or are you putting in that extra time, going above and beyond when no one is looking, and still preforming to a tee when your boss is on vacation?

You see, God isn't going to bless us with our next, until we appreciate our now.

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