Monday, March 4

Social Media Fast Update

Last week many of us embarked on a Social Media Fast. Plain and simple: no social media outlets of any kind for seven straight days. You can find more info about it's details here.

Was it easy? It depends on who you ask. So I'll speak for myself here. Before the fast I was checking my phone almost out of habit. I was having social media attention deficient disorder. We've all been there; meaning to start something but getting side tracked because of facebook, ect. I knew it was time to get back to the basics, clear my heart and mind.

I asked you wonderful people to join. I had no idea that it would get so big though, with countless people committing to give the fast a shot and even more participating now on their own time periods. I am overwhelmed with some of the testimonies we've received. Whether it was starting to write a book, catching a 'big break', spending more time with God, speaking with some long lost friends or giving your personal focus your 100%, I applaud you all.

I am so blessed to have people who sincerely support me and the vision of Let's Keep It Authentic. It's always been all about you guys. I love you all and I look forward to the new journey's that we will embark on together.

Remember, this world can be heavy. Sit down, shut off your phone, go for a run, get on your knees in prayer whenever you need to with no reservation. Don't allow this world to withdrawal so much from you and forget to deposit within yourself. You deserve it. Love on yourself often, repeat, now you're ready to love on others better.

God Bless,

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