Thursday, March 7

X-Out Social Media X-perience Social Life

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate in a Social Media Fast. It didn't take a lot of thought to know that the Lord was compelling me to be a part of it. I had done a semi fast from Facebook before but really didn't have anyone to hold me accountable so it was a little easier to "slip up".  I challenged my children to be a part of it as well.  We fasted from Facebook, instagram, twitter, games, as well as limited t.v. and radio. 
Day one was rough! I found myself going to my phone almost as natural as I picked up a cigarette and smoked before God delivered me. Without even thinking about it, it was so easy to start something and then get distracted by Facebook before. Honestly, I had to delete the whole app off of my phone and deactivate it. That evening my middle son and I had gotten into an argument because I had asked him to turn off the music he was playing. I was beginning to enjoy the quiet, with four kids that is simply rare.  I was able to expose the stronghold that  cell phone music had on him because of his reaction. 
Almost every night that week we read either a chapter out of the Bible or a devotional, talk about it and then we pray. Our usual 15 minutes lasted an hour. I was elated!! I even asked the kids  if there was anyone at school that was in need of  prayer and they came up with quite a list! It was awesome for them to be able to see all the people around us that are in need. 
That Friday, an Ice cream shop called Sweet Frog was having a Father, daughter "Princess and the Sweet Frog night."  I took my daughter because her father doesn't live here.  It was quite busy, there were lots of  pretty little girls dressed up in princess dresses with Tiaras. We had to wait a little while for a table but once we got one I noticed a dad holding his daughter,  trying to feed her too.  I offered him to come sit at our table. He gladly accepted. When he sat down I began to reach for my phone so I could  "hide behind it" so to speak. BUT I was fasting, so I pressed passed that awkward feeling and asked him a few questions.
Its amazed me how we were in deep conversation about life. His young daughter showed me pictures of herself, her mommy and  her daddy on his phone. It was great. I thought 'wow, this little girl is so proud of her daddy. (Isn't that how we feel about our Heavenly Father?)' He shared how he had just got off of work and rushed her over here to get ice cream.  I wondered what MOM was doing home alone for that little bit of free time too. 
Well, as we got ready to leave I was waiting for my little ones to finish up, I paused and looked around at all the little princesses and their daddy's. I then noticed that out of about 7 dads, 5 of them were on their phone, not even talking to their daughters as they sat there eating ice cream. My heart began to physically ache and I thought wow, look at all these little girls sitting "alone" entertaining themselves with ice cream as daddy plays on his phone
I walked behind one man and saw that he was playing Ruzzle. :/   I instantly began to pray and ask God to forgive me for anytime I may have made it seem like my phone was more important than talking to my children. It took me all the way back to my childhood, having parents that were there but not there if that makes any sense. It made me ill to think that we have come to a place where we hide behind phones, text messages and social media. We don't TALK to each other anymore. 
I'm so grateful that God allowed me to fast and see this for myself. I got so much accomplished this week and was able to focus on the more important things in my life. I would encourage anyone to try it for yourself and see what you have been missing out on!!!

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Antronette Upperman said...

I enjoyed reading this. You are truly one of Gods children. Love you Tabata