Wednesday, March 20

Stay In Your Own Lane

There's so much going on and readily available for us to view almost instantaneously through social networking. We would be liars if we said we didn't occasionally look to see how others were doing. And while others can influence us and motivate us, I want to remind someone that NO ONE CAN BE YOU BETTER THAN YOU.

I'll be very transparent and use my own experiences as an example. My purpose, condensed, is writing and encouraging people. Often times quotes come without thought to me. These are the gifts I've been given from God. But my writing style isn't traditional. It's to the point and raw. What some people may take paragraphs to write or say, flows through me in one sentence.

Here's my point. I admire many authors and contemporary people truly making a difference. But I find that when I share their work, say or do something as they would, it doesn't nearly have the same affect as when they did/said it initially.

So I stay in my lane. I am not graced to speak on finances, so I don't go there. I am currently not married, so I won't touch that. These pipes of mine sing best in the shower and unashamedly during praise and worship, but I bet you'll never catch me trying to record the next 'hit' with auto-tune. You see, I stay in my lane.

Although staying in your own lane sounds like a restricting term, it can actually make one limitless. It means that one knows the gifts that they were birthed with, and they can take the time to perfect them.


But let's be clear. Just because you're not great in a certain area doesn't mean you should never touch it whatsoever. But it does mean before hoping from one project to the next, from one area to another, perfect your craft or simply just be you.

No one has walk, talk, talents, experiences, swag, vision, assignment, grace, purpose just like yours. Walk in THAT authority. That you can never be a carbon copy because you are too busy being an original. SO what if they hate on you?! People often mock what they can't jock. Be who God created YOU to be.

Are you having trouble finding out what you're purpose is? You find that out on bended knees.

Through experience and trying to silence my purpose for so many years, I can tell you this: Your purpose is that vision that keeps coming upon you no matter how many times you try to ignore it. Your purpose is you doing that thing and hours passing with it feeling like a second. Your purpose are those visions so great that they keep you up at night. I can't tell you your purpose but I can tell you it's waiting for you and I am waiting for you to bless us all with it! 


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