Wednesday, April 3

Introducing My Baby

Today I wanted to take a moment to introduce my baby. The official launch of Let's Keep It Authentic, the brand. 

Let's Keep It Authentic began as a way for me to just express myself and encourage others along the way. I had no idea that at the time it would evolve into my purpose. I had no idea that it would even get such positive responses. You see, Let's Keep It Authentic has never been about the claps, but the silent voice in the background which commands love, honor and respect. 

Let's Keep It Authentic is for YOU. Because even the encourager needs to be encouraged sometimes, because even the strong fall down sometimes, because even after failures you can get back up, because you are not all the venomous words they tried to spew at you.

This is the first step to a pray-fully long journey. 

Next up, the official launch of our social media outlets and gear soon after.

Stay Tuned! 

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