Wednesday, September 22

Moments of Silence

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I want to shut everyone out. Not because there was some dramatic incident or because I’m depressed, but just sit in silence for a few days. The loudness of the world we live in is causing my thoughts to scream for attention. I never just sit with them. Not because I’m scared, but because I never put them into my schedule. This fast competitive atmosphere has me playing catch up all the time. From school work, to actual work, to physical appearance work, to house work, to a social life, then of course the infamous twitter to facebook world. By the time I lay in bed I literally fall asleep as if I was tripped by a rope that left me with an inevitable drop! The nights I don’t do that, I’m chilling with my boo. He gets my undivided attention those nights.

And I’m not complaining, I thank God for my blessings everyday but I wish I just had more time to thank Him. I want to sit there and talk to Him for hours. I want simple days where I can just write. I want to be alone with my thoughts and for my intuition to become my best friend all over again. My rigorous schedule has been making me force positivity lately. It used to come natural. I’m positive I will get through any task or situation presented to me but I guess what I’m lacking just like most of you all is those moments of intermission. Those moments where you can just sit still and say, “how are you doing” to yourself. Those moments where you can answer it however you’d like then give yourself advice or ideally ask God for it.

There’s people who genuinely can’t sit still. I personally think that some of these people are scared of their thoughts. Maybe their conscience is too cluttered to comprehend. Maybe they’re just immature and don’t know how to be alone. Maybe they have a young child to care for that doesn’t let them sleep at night. Maybe they are depressed and are scared of how their thoughts will make them react. Fight them by confronting them head on!

Don’t become dependent on another human to hear your thoughts either. Deal with them on your own from time to time. Tell yourself “I got this!” We all have our moments. Don’t share all of those weak moments to twitter or a best friend. Not only does that have the capacity to make a person vulnerable, but it also makes the person believe that they are not able to get through a problem without specific people. That is never true. A person is as strong as they believe they are. Never tell yourself “I can’t make it without so and so.” Let the moments of silence last long enough and you’ll come to see just how much you can get through alone with God (or whatever Higher Truth you believe in).

Sit still once in a while and confront your thoughts head on…that is where you’ll find peace. Just ask all of the great spiritualists and philosophers…

Excuse me, I'm taking a moment....

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