Friday, October 22

Understanding the Undertones of Miscommuniation

I was talking to a close male in my life and I came to this realization. Men don’t understand miniature concepts of ‘don’t arrive late’ or ‘call when you’re supposed to call’ to the same extent of women because they AREN'T reprimanded in their friendships with other males to the same extent. Forreal, think about it!

When women stand a girlfriend up, the girlfriend gets pissed. Sometimes she’ll cuss you out. Other times she’ll keep her distance for a while. The silence is enough to make her backlash and give the reprimanding friend silent treatment as well. Like “forget you!” Or there’s the vengeful type who will just stand you up the next time you’re anxious to execute some much anticipated plans. Either way, you’re going to KNOW when a female is mad when she’s MAD.

She’ll make sure that you fully comprehend why as well by elaborately re-explaining how the situation was messed up

(Of course this progresses with age. No ambitious grown women is going to get mad you missed a date for a meeting...I'm talking about the dynamics of growing up)

Mannnnn when males get mad, THEY'RE SIMPLE.

A male stands his boy up they handle it one of two ways. 1. They call and say why. The friend replies “don’t do that again.” The other friend replies “shut up man.” And it’s done! You see that? It’s done! Then there’s the second action which occurs most of the time. There’s no explanation. They just meet up at the gym the next day and MAYBE slip a subliminal joke in there and they forget it ever happened.

Gosh why can’t ladies be that simple???
I’m laughing to myself because we’re really not that simple at all. But maybe, just maybe, we can be a little bit more understanding…

Teach before you assume. Ask before you command.

Just for the first few times J

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