Wednesday, February 2

Ring, Ring! Wake Up Call

I am no angel.
But I am savior, to a generation that’s been taunted by these fake fables…
Where you can show your ass and you’re something major.
 I am no angel.
But I feel obligated to do them a favor.
Wrong is not the only right.
Directions twisted up.
Are we going to save the future kids or what?

Is the man too worried about the nut to tend to his tree? 
Cause’ it seems these young men have depleted what it means to be a family.
Is the woman too fast to ever get their reputation on a positive path?
Or have they paved their own way to be forgotten in a day?

Technology, how can our people keep up with you?
Make an ass of their selves just to get in others views.

I know a few things to be true, you don’t really get too far now a days by simply by “doin’ you.”
I think one thing our generation truly needs to work on its perception,
Because a lot of us are doomed in this direction.

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