Wednesday, March 23

Introspection & Evolution

Why is it that most of us have such a hard time stepping outside of ourselves? In this world full of “haters,” have we constructed a shield so strong that we even have issues judging and correcting ourselves? When was the last time you took a step back and viewed yourself and your actions in a loving, realistic way? Sometimes people hurt us so bad that we become hardened. We validate our worth by proclaiming that our imperfections need no correction only to hurt others along the way.

People try to warn us of our change by getting angry. That only further strengthens our fortress that protects our ego. It’s not hard to distinguish who’s there to tear you down and who’s there to build you up. Sometimes the people that we love the most hurt us the most because we misinterpret their message, NOT because they intend to.

Today I challenge you to take a step outside of yourself. Let us all stop being so judgmental of others and take a GOOD look at ourselves.

What can we fix?
What can we strengthen?
What can we decrease?
Who can we listen to?
Who can we forgive?
What weight can we let go of?

Just sit there for a minute, take responsibility, and pray on it. Pray for an open heart to those who only have your best interest in mind. Pray that you don’t become defensive, but remain neutral; knowing inside that the only person who can validate your worth is you. We ALL have a little something we can work on. Don’t be afraid to better yourself, grow, and evolve.

Anybody desirous of success should spend some time in introspection and contemplation.”-Sam Veda

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