Tuesday, April 26

Distorted Princesses

These princess tales truly have the capability to mess little girls up. Damsel in distresses is what we are likely to become, then after the pain, we have a high possibility of becoming numb. Waiting on men to rescue us and tell us that we’re beautiful is far from the reality we should be trying to create in our children.

Is their smile better than the truth? We lie so much in their youth. From Santa Clause to knights in shining armor’s, are we truly equipping them for the world? Or do we keep them in innocence and tell them that it’s daisies and dandelions every day. “Because that’s what real men do.” Real men rescue. Real men provide. And real men will save you from anything and anyone, even YOURSELF.

The number of marriages in America have been dropping in recent years according to the US Census. But this is due to the fact that a lot more couples are just choosing to live together before marriage (sometimes-and increasingly-forever). A few short years ago, it was reported that unmarried Americans head more than 51 million households. - U.S. Census Bureau. “America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2007.” Then once they’re married they have a 50% chance of getting divorced.

Are some women expecting too much and some men just giving too little? Are some women expecting too little and therefore training men to give the worthwhile one’s nothing close to enough? Have morals depleted, and the media tells us its okay? More and more women want to look like those Princesses and Barbie’s. These plastic women with very real motives have become smarter than ever.

My thoughts are scrambled in this post but our time has fewer things we should be toasting on, yet we’re popping more bottles than ever.

I hope that when I have a daughter I can read to her a book of a heroic woman that still oozes elegance. The women the knight will want to help out but also a women that understands that if necessary, she always ‘has’ herself.

I will NEVER teach my daughter or son that either sex is not needed. But I will also teach them that authentic people shouldn’t have authentic expectations when it comes to relationships (not the fairy tale one at least). And if we do expect authentic results, we must value ourselves in authentic ways. Each person should be able to carry their own weight with no grudge or motive. Each person should be confident in themselves with no validation required. Each person builds on their own value and worth as they develop, but it starts with the parents.

For Stat information go to:
http://www.divorcerate.org/ http://www.unmarried.org/statistics.html

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