Saturday, July 30

“If you knew you had ten minutes to live, who would you call to say goodbye?”

Today I was browsing through twitter and I took a long pause on this tweet written by @DoSomething.

“If you knew you had ten minutes to live, who would you call to say goodbye?”

Wow. This has been on my mind the entire day.

Beyond the people that automatically came into my head, I thought about all of the people I hadn’t talked to in a while.

Some of these people have made permanent difference in my life. Whether it was my teacher at the alternative school I attended who taught me how to look at life from a different perspective or the college advisor who never let me sleep in by sending me texts of reminders to “get on your stuff” and eventually saw me walk that stage.  

Would I call those people who broke my heart and made me cry? Would I call them and thank them for bringing me closer to God? Would I call and tell them “I forgive you” because a heart that carries old burdens eventually causes one to trip. Would I call the people who doubted me and say “look at me now” like C.Breezy. No. That’s too condescending.

Maybe I wouldn’t call anyone at all. Maybe I, personally, would just write because that’s when my thoughts come pouring through like water trying to be caught in one’s hands. My tears would fill the pages. I just pray I’ve paid my wages on this earth to be the best person I can be each and every second.

The question is a heavy one. Its truths are very real though. It could be yours or mine (last ten minutes on this earth) at any given minute. Who do you need to call? Who do you need to be honest with?

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Muzik said...

Wow my eyes filled with tears right now. I think about that often. Who would I call? Probably no one. I would just pray that God keep them even though a part of me would want to say something.

After reading, "would I call this that broke my heart..." really touched me. We just never know God 's purpose. It something so many are suffering with. This morning I read in our bible about how we need tonlean on God for love and understanding, especially in times of breakups and heartaches. The more we search for it in man the more failures we will see and we will think that is them when it's us. God is calling us...I can't run from it I see. It's time confine tune in some areas.