Thursday, October 20

"The Beautiful Struggle": Jessenia 'Muzik' Arias

Jessenia “Muzik” Arias is known within the adoptee community as “The Voice of The Adoptees.” Through her heart centered testimonies on her blog Which Way Is Home? featuring authentic feelings of what it is like to be an adoptee, she encourages thought and reflection within each of us.

What started out as a way for her to share her feelings, turned into a portal of hope for the adoptee community and beyond. She has become the child of many and the sister of more.

This is a woman who has endured more than most can fathom in her short life and has managed to turn it all into victory. She encourages all to PUSH, to pray and to not give up our dreams. She never gave up on hers. No matter the rejection, the abandonement, the abuse, the lies, the “no’s”; she did it. And this is only the beginning.

Muzik is “The Beautiful Struggle”.

But the thing is, so are you! You have the ability to push through any obstacle. It’s not easy, but succeeding never is. The struggle is beautiful because the struggle is yours but so are the triumphs. P.U.S.H.

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