Wednesday, October 19

Date ALONE ???

Maybe this whole notion of being alone is natural to me since I was an only child. Do you know that there’s actually adults who fear being anywhere, but the bathroom, alone?  

They especially fear being seen in public alone, like say going to the movies, dinner or park. They think that gives them entitlement to 'creeper status' or gets them put in the same category as an elder alone that’s lost their spouse.

When we see an elderly person alone its actually quite sad if one has any type of heart. Some of us tend to associate ourselves in these positions and say “no, you’ve got to be a sad person to attempt to have fun (or fill in the blank) alone.”

I profoundly and boldly say: when you know and love yourself, YOU are your best company.
You see this world is so cluttered with mess, and texts, and facebook, and twitter, and boyfriends, and crazy girlfriends, fake people, work, bills, and a bunch of other things other than us.

How can one hear his or her own voice of reason clearly or talk to God when there’s so much noise? How can we truly appreciate the little things like our breath and absolutely invest our hearts in the moment? 

Because all we have is right now.

The people that don’t like to be alone many times get grumpy when there’s no company, feeling neglected by others when the truth is they’ve neglected themselves and their personal issues for so long that they just don’t know how to deal with them alone or without the validation and support of other worldly people.

I personally love those “Sunday mornings of life,” as India Arie calls them. Those moments to reflect and realize what I have to offer to this world and how important it is to put INVEST in me an equal balance for what I put OUT.

The truth of the matter is, the more time we don’t sit and let everything marinate; the harder it will be to deal with the future. Although it seems that the ones who are always in a hurry and anxious not to miss anything the crowd is doing are 'winning', they’ll eventually run into stagnation if they don’t take that time alone.

If it’s been a while since you took yourself on a date, I strongly advise you to do so. Turn off your phone and get lost. Stop at the cool little ice cream shop you look at every time you drive by. Go jogging in that park full of nature. Visit that museum that you cannot convince any of your lame friends to go to. Purchase a book and go into outer space.

It’s “sexy season” as my friend Stephanie Rosen likes to say. I’ll interpret that as, it’s time to take care of YOU!   

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Muzik said...

This has got to be one of my fav post. I am a firm believer that being alone is power. If you cannot stand alone than you are not standing, you are not living. I agree with the India Arie thought of Sunday Mornings of Life. It is imperative that we set out time to know who we are an enjoy the little things that makes us smile. The long walks, the nature walks, the bike rides, the ice cream dates. I have found that in times I am out solo I smile for a second and tell myself "I am just that special because I dont need anyone to make me smile or to build my confidence". I can sit here alone and be happy. I can take in everything and smile. Thank you for the reminder. xoxo