Saturday, October 29


Now I’m kind of starting to wish there were no ‘retweet’ or ‘like’s on facebook or twitter. 

No really. It’s like becoming our justification to do or say things.
It’s no good.

Some of us are trying to please the public instead of trying to please our God. This whole thing has the potential to damage us because currently in society (if you haven’t already noticed) many people are adding value to what should be invaluable things.

Then each person checks it, as if it adds some value to their ego.

Don’t get it twisted, we ALL appreciate a little love. I just kind of fear the way in which this is all going: trying to please people instead of trying to please our God.

This is just food for thought. Thinking outside of the box since the box that you’re currently looking at can be more powerful than you think.

Just because everyone likes followers doesn't mean we can diminish what it means to be a leader.

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