Tuesday, November 8

Chapter Clutter : Children's Batter

The fortress built around hearts does more harm than good. Hardened layers of aloofness and detachment do not resemble strength, but a person who is truly hurting inside.

Have you ever heard a person talk about their past situation a such an angry voice? They may even repeat the same points again and again. Beneath the hardened surface, is a young child hurting from past abuse, maybe abandonment, possibly betrayal, or the combinations and additions of other internal bruises left unhealed.

Behind the caked on cosmetics and naked avatars is a little girl so scared and insecure of the world.Behind the mans self-centered pride is a little boy who was yelled at for crying when hurt. 

His shells' layers didn't begin with her. Her lack of self respect didn't begin with them. But it began in a once upon a time that showed him or her that this world isn't fine.

We must learn to be a little bit more compassionate of each other. Not only should we not judge a book by its cover, but strive to pay closer attention to the beginning chapters, so that we can better understand the illustrations of now.

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