Thursday, November 10

High Heels & High Standards


I know it's nice to have a 'bad chick,' but at the end of the day men should be preparing for a GOOD WOMAN.

It's easy to fall for looks or 'swag' but a lot of these young women are lost, needing reinforcement for their looks but rarely working on their insides. 

Does she have 'high standards to match her high heels'? No wait, SURPASS them?

What's happened it that there are so many easy women that when a GOOD WOMAN comes around, men aren't properly prepared to know how to treat her. 

Proclaiming that she's crazy just because SHE HAS STANDARDS.

A GOOD WOMAN won't put up with the mess fellas, and a VAIN WOMAN won't be there for the long haul

A GOOD WOMAN has faith in more than her fashion sense. She will hold you down through thick and thin but will also tell you to 'tighten up'!

Why settle for a woman with minimal standards ? ? ?

(((Only because I care for my young men and women. I keep it authentic.))))))

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Perrin said...

says the bad chick who is a great woman