Thursday, April 12

Are You Listening?

Don’t wait around for another to encourage you, tell you you’re amazing, tell you you’re worthy, you’re gifted, you’re brilliant, and you’re needed. Although it’s awesome to feel appreciated and as if people care about you, it should never be one’s main focus.

The crucial thing to remember is, it’s more than one’s looks, more than one’s titles, achievements, social status. Yes. It’s way beyond that. It’s about one’s heart.

If you’re heart is filled with confidence planted or dependent on the outside world, what’s going to happen when the noise stops? What’s going to happen in those moments of silence? One cannot run from them forever.

Deal. Heal. Keep it real, with yourself.

Who else is going to tell you you’re more beautiful than God or yourself? Who else is going to save your life but God? Who else is going to pick you up when you are down?

Someone isn’t going to be around every second of every day for the rest of your life. But that’s okay! Because you’re going to have to learn how to encourage yourself! Pour into yourself! Speak life into yourself!

Don’t become so addicted to the outside noise that you fear the silence. In fact, through the silence is when one can hear God mostly clearly. Are you listening to them, or Him?

Feeling accepted has cluttered the souls of many. All over the media we witness all forms of attention seekers. People have traded in their self respect for followers, fans, acceptance, or what they believe to be “love”.

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