Saturday, April 14

Choose Joy!

Every single moment is an opportunity for you to be happy. From living such and such years and going through such and such events, we tend to develop a seasoned interpretation of our surroundings. When we see things, live things, experience things enough times; they start to become typical happenings, sometimes undeserving of a second look.

But what if we learned to slow down a bit?

Now a days we get anxious when we aren’t able to login to our twitter when we want, when technology isn't keeping up with our hurried brains, or when things don’t go as expected.

But what if we all slowed down a bit?

That’s means using every single opportunity to be happy. I know that sometimes life throws us curve balls, but guess what? You have a great way to respond!

You can use every opportunity, every single one, to be happy. Don’t just take a shower- feel into and receive the enjoyment of the water hitting your skin. Don’t just walk in the street-enjoy the fragrances of the trees and the flowers on your way. Don’t just drive in your car-sing songs that uplift your spirit as if you already won #TheVoice. Don’t just wake up and rush out of bed-get out of your own head and direct your attention to God and that fact that He gave you another day.

There are so many reasons to be happy. Can't you see?! Well thank God you have vision. Thank God you have feet. Thank God you have heart. Use it. Embrace it all and rejoice.

“Joy cometh in the morning”-Psalm 30:5 doesn't necessarily mean in the AM. It just means when you WAKE UP!


Anonymous said...

This mos def puts responsibility on us as individuals to CREATE the atmosphere! Yesssss. Thanks again! Your sister in Christ (I'm off twitter lol but formerly known as @Freckles614) - Tonika

Paloma 'GorgeousInside' Duran said...

God bless you sis! You better werkk and keep on walking in authority!