Sunday, May 13

Carry on Tradition: Mother's Day Edition


Today I researched the history behind Mother's day and found myself intrigued by tales of Egyptians and post World War I woman 'warriors'. As I began to write about the development of the official day, it came to my heart that preserving the love we have for mothers should be an ongoing action.


There's no measurement tool to approximate the amount of love a mother is capable of.  
A mother will give her children her last bit, having them feeling rich, and eat scraps for dinner. 
A mother will comb her children's hair with care of a weaver.  
A mother will cry to God when no one is looking and still be able to hold a smile that glitters.  
A mother will yell in frustration and come gently tap you in your shoulder the same day.  
A mother will discipline even when it's hard to be the "bad guy". A mother will play both roles if she has to.  
A mother will work 3 jobs and still make sure to ask you about your homework. 
A mother always (well usually ;-) knows best. 
A mother has the capability to give every essential living nutrient though her breast. 
A mother claps at your scribble and learns how to dribble just so she can be involved too.


A mother is still a women, which means she's still human, which means she's not perfect. But through all of her imperfections, it's perfect when she tries. And my God, mother's are trying their best. 


Blessed & Happy Mother's Day to all of the soldias. I love yall and I appreciate yall SO much!

Here's my Peruvian Queen & Hero

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